Planning My Life




My filofax is my life, it’s how I stay organised and remember what I have to do and where I have to be. The colour and size of my beauty is the A5 Filofax in Pillarbox Red. Although the initial cost of these are relativly high for something you could just use your phone for, I always find writing something down the old fashion way works better for me- Mainly because my phone is always dead!


Acrylic Nails | Red and Gold Foil

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So recently I have taught myself how to do acrylic nails and I thought I’d start posting what products I have used. Hopefully over the time you will see and improvement in my skills and, maybe even get some inspiration. Over the next few weeks I will post a starter kit in case you are wanting to also start yourself, It’s easier than you think- it just takes time!

Dare to Wear- Purple Lipstick



So I thought Id start a new series, posting once a week. As you can see above It’s called ‘Dare to Wear’ and I’ll be posting mini tutorials on how to pull of bright and obnoxious make-up. Ill be posting tutorials on both lipsticks and eye-shadows, maybe even a few blushes. It’s safe to say purple lipstick isn’t the easiest of colours to pull off, yet for some reason I love them. The brighter the better. After having a play around one afternoon I found a few different make-up looks to compliment rather than clash.