Dare to Wear- Purple Lipstick



So I thought Id start a new series, posting once a week. As you can see above It’s called ‘Dare to Wear’ and I’ll be posting mini tutorials on how to pull of bright and obnoxious make-up. Ill be posting tutorials on both lipsticks and eye-shadows, maybe even a few blushes. It’s safe to say purple lipstick isn’t the easiest of colours to pull off, yet for some reason I love them. The brighter the better. After having a play around one afternoon I found a few different make-up looks to compliment rather than clash.


Spa Night…

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So your home alone with nothing to do, there is nothing better or relaxing than at at home spa night. Whenever I get the rare opportunity to do this, I grab the chance. It has always been my favourite way to spend an afternoon and evening.