Acrylic Nails | Red and Gold Foil

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So recently I have taught myself how to do acrylic nails and I thought I’d start posting what products I have used. Hopefully over the time you will see and improvement in my skills and, maybe even get some inspiration. Over the next few weeks I will post a starter kit in case you are wanting to also start yourself, It’s easier than you think- it just takes time!


Being a Blonde..

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For as long as I can remember I have always dyed my hair and changed its colour. I’ve been brunette to blonde to red back to blonde to purple.. You get the idea. Well, for a while now I’ve been blonde and I’ve stuck to it. Although in the near future I am hoping to go grey / lilac.

New Year- New Me?

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coffee and notepad with the text 2016 resolutions

I know its cheesy, I know its overused and I know that after one month that everyone reverts back to their original self.

But non-the-less we all make them, and writing them down and putting it out there might just keep me going and make it too the two month stage! I’m a big believer in if you write it down it’ll stick. So this year I have wrote them many times. I always keep a copy in my filofax so if my motivation ever wavers, I can always remember what I am working towards.