Work Make-up Routine





I’ll be honest, I don’t wear make-up everyday. I would much rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed. This is the exact reason I have a protein shake for breakfast too- but this isn’t a post on how lazy I am. It’s how I do my make up quick, for those days where I feel like I need a little something.

I always start with my base, and for work I opt for a lightweight, sheer foundation. I’m currently using MAC Face and Body Foundation. This is a water-based foundation so is perfect for those longer wearing days. With it being water based, it doesn’t dry my skin out and leaves it feeling soft and supple- even when I take it off at night. It really does help retain the moisture in my skin.

Under my eyes I use Urban Decay Naked Concealer in the lightest shade they do. This highlights my under eyes and makes it appear as if I have had 8+ hours sleep. I set both of these with a powder to lock it in place all day.

After combing through my brows I define them with MAC Fluidline Gel Creme. I find having perfected brows really frames your face and can take a make-up look to the next level. I apply a couple lashings of mascara to really emphasize my eyes, I like using a curling mascara as this opens my eyes up, and again, gives the effect of being wide awake. I haven’t yet found THAT mascara, so if you have any favorites let me know in the comments so I can try some new ones out. 

I usually contour and highlight my cheeks with my Sleek Contour Kit in Light and apply a light dusting of a pink blush to the apples of my cheeks.

I never wear lipstick, it’s always a lipbalm on the way out. I also reapply my lipbalm numerous times throughout the day as they are prone to drying out and becoming flaky.

I can do this routine so quick now I have it down under 10 minutes!

What is your go-to make up routine on those days where you have no time?

HarleyJade x


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