Acrylic Nails | Black and White

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I know I’ve been posting these alot lately so I’ll calm it down- well after this one! I think this has been my favorite set so far, although they didn’t last long but I shall post my tips on how I’d make this last longer and the mistakes I made. These nails are super fiddly but easy.

I started off with applying clear to all of my nails, and then on my accent fingers applied a small layer of white. The black was just a regular polish from Stargazer. I then bought some thin tape from EBay (this stuff I usually used to create crisp lines when painting but I thought this would look effective). I applied the tape in a cross as it was fiddly and I got too angry to make the pattern more difficult!). I topped all the nails with a clear gel top coat from Sensasanail.


Well that was how I did it- Now here is what I would change.

Instead of applying the clear first, I would actually do a small layer of white, apply the tape and then encapsulate the entire look in clear. I found the edges of the tape would curl up and eventually peel off of the nails a it wasn’t adhered enough. For extra security I would use nail glue to ensure the edges stay put.and don’t peel back.

I would also prefer to use a black acrylic rather than a black nail polish. This is personal preference, I’m useless when it comes to polish as I smudge and dent it far to easily.


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