Acrylic Nails | White Glitter

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So over the weekend I had some spare time and decided it was time for a change of design. This nail design is simple to create yet beautiful and effective. The glitter used has a greeny/blue undertone which shines so well in the light.

My cuticles also look dry on this photo because, well, they are. I hadn’t applied any oil beforehand and when filing off my previous design, I nicked myself more than once (I was watching TV and not really paying attention to what I was doing).

I first applied a layer of white acrylic, I used ‘Naio Mega White’ as it is highly pigmented and you only need a thin layer to make it opaque. Next I mixed some white iridescent glitter (purchased from Smileys6062 on EBay) with some clear acrylic, also from Naio. I’m in love with the glitters and mixes this seller has, plus they’re all mega cheap (£1 for 5g). I haven’t yet purchased one I don’t like, in fact, they just get better and better. Like always, I encapsulated with the clear acrylic and finished off by filing and applying a Gel topcoat.

I currently only own sensationail’s gel top coat but I’m looking for a new one- which would you reccomend?? 

I’m already looking for new designs to try, it’s definitely becoming an addiction!

Harley Jade



4 thoughts on “Acrylic Nails | White Glitter

  1. Omg! I love your nails! I have had white glittery acrylics before and aren’t they gorgeous! I am only just starting out at this blogging thing so if you could give my blog a look over, maybe follow it and give me advice I would be very grateful! X

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    1. They really are- I keep putting them in the light to watch them sparkle. The photo doesn’t pick up how gorgeous they really are!
      Of course I can- although I’ve only started myself in the past month so I may not be of much help xx

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