Planning My Life




My filofax is my life, it’s how I stay organised and remember what I have to do and where I have to be. The colour and size of my beauty is the A5 Filofax in Pillarbox Red. Although the initial cost of these are relativly high for something you could just use your phone for, I always find writing something down the old fashion way works better for me- Mainly because my phone is always dead!

In the front I always keep a small notebook (bought from Wilkos for only £1) which has my weekly to-do list and my shopping list.


The first section is the month/year diaries. I haven’t yet bought any 2016 inserts as I dont perticularly find that I use this sextion so much. All I had here was any day plans, birthdays and big events. I also put these in my weekly layout so I probably wont refill this section!

The next section is my used weekly layout. I use a colour code system so at a glance I can see what is planned. My colour code system is shown in the photo and I use a mixture of coloured pensl rainbow washi tape and coloured market dots purchased from Amazon.

The next section is for my health, unortunatly I don’t use this section as much as I’d hope but It’s so helpful to keep everything in one place. I need to get into a habit of using this more! I use blue coloured paper in this section as this also colour co-ordinates with m y weekly layout!


The next and final section is just where I keep everything, from spare paper to post it notes and fun stickers.

If you’d like to know where I purchased something just ask and I’ll let you know! My next filoax related post will on making some inserts as mine have just about had it!

I’m also going to be re-jigging some of my section so I shall do an updated post when that does happen.

How do you organise your life- Are you pen and paper or phone calendar?

Harley Jade x



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