Acrylic Nails | Red and Gold Foil

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So recently I have taught myself how to do acrylic nails and I thought I’d start posting what products I have used. Hopefully over the time you will see and improvement in my skills and, maybe even get some inspiration. Over the next few weeks I will post a starter kit in case you are wanting to also start yourself, It’s easier than you think- it just takes time!

These nails are only my second attempt on myself (which is harder than on someone else!) and I absolutely love the way they have turned out!

Can I also point out, I am not qualified. I have watched numerous YouTube videos and taught myself, I am happy to take any constructive criticism to take my skills to the next level.

All nails were coated in clear acrylic, the ring finger and thumb only had a thin layer in comparison to the other three which were built up into the finished product. On the ring finger and thumb I used some Gold Leaf purchased from Naio (my go-to for nail products). I cut it into small chunks (it comes in a large sheet as shown below)  and applied it with more clear acrylic. I then capped these nails to protect the gold.8

I filed and buffed all nails (this is the part I’m not the best at, but practice makes perfect). This is the stage I find takes me the most time, but its worth spending abit extra time to get that perfect look.

On the remainder of the nails I used Sensationail Gel polish in Scarlet Red, and topped all nails in the Sensationail Clear. Using a gel topcoat gives a glossy look that lasts until you take it off.



Keep an eye out for my nest post- Night out make-up!

Harley Jade x


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