New Year- New Me?

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coffee and notepad with the text 2016 resolutions

I know its cheesy, I know its overused and I know that after one month that everyone reverts back to their original self.

But non-the-less we all make them, and writing them down and putting it out there might just keep me going and make it too the two month stage! I’m a big believer in if you write it down it’ll stick. So this year I have wrote them many times. I always keep a copy in my filofax so if my motivation ever wavers, I can always remember what I am working towards.


Only buying cruelty free make-up. That’s right, no more MAC, no more Chanel but it isn’t the end of the world and there is plenty of other great brands out there for me to try!


Gain Confidence. I’m not confident in my looks, and haven’t been or a while. So this year I’m changing that, and experimenting to find the routine that is right for me. I’m not doing a diet, but I am just incorporating more vegetables into my diet and reducing my sugar intake. I’m also exercising more- but I’ll do another blog post on this!


Alongside goal no.2 I would also like to participate in a run or charity, whether that be 10K or a half marathon. I don’t run, and I haven’t but it’s a new challenge I’m happy to face.


Finally, once a month, I want to do something that scares me. Whether that be bungee jumping (okay, abit extreme)  or a charity run (see how they all link up) or even something so simple such as posting a YouTube video (public speaking terrifies me). This year I’m going to face my fears head on!


Drink more water! This is always a personal goal for me, but this year i intend to track what I’m drinking. My skin is very dehydrated and dry so I’m hoping this will put some life back in it!.

Thats my top 5 goals for this year. Have you made any for this year?

Harley Jade x


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