Acrylic Nails | Valentines Day

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I think I say this every time, but I swear- this is my favorite set. Ever. They’re pink, glittery and holographic? Could there be any better combination?


For the thumb and ring finger I used a mix bought from Smileys6062 from E-Bay in the shade ‘Tinkerbell’. This mix just screamed valentines, and when I received it around Christmas I already had this in mind! The pictures really just can’t capture the beauty of this, its indescribable.

For the pointer finger I used a clear layer of gel and dabbed on some holographic glitter onto the tacky layer. I then applied two thick coats o clear over top to keep in the glitter and smooth things over.

The middle and pinky finger are a gel polish in a creamy baby pink from sensasionail. Its just a perfect baby pink and can be found in multiple brands. The creamy finish of this polish really sets off the glitter and holo in the other fingers.

I hope you love this set as much as I do!

Harley Jade  


Work Make-up Routine





I’ll be honest, I don’t wear make-up everyday. I would much rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed. This is the exact reason I have a protein shake for breakfast too- but this isn’t a post on how lazy I am. It’s how I do my make up quick, for those days where I feel like I need a little something.

Acrylic Nails | Black and White

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I know I’ve been posting these alot lately so I’ll calm it down- well after this one! I think this has been my favorite set so far, although they didn’t last long but I shall post my tips on how I’d make this last longer and the mistakes I made. These nails are super fiddly but easy.

Planning My Life




My filofax is my life, it’s how I stay organised and remember what I have to do and where I have to be. The colour and size of my beauty is the A5 Filofax in Pillarbox Red. Although the initial cost of these are relativly high for something you could just use your phone for, I always find writing something down the old fashion way works better for me- Mainly because my phone is always dead!

Acrylic Nails | Red and Gold Foil

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So recently I have taught myself how to do acrylic nails and I thought I’d start posting what products I have used. Hopefully over the time you will see and improvement in my skills and, maybe even get some inspiration. Over the next few weeks I will post a starter kit in case you are wanting to also start yourself, It’s easier than you think- it just takes time!

Being a Blonde..

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For as long as I can remember I have always dyed my hair and changed its colour. I’ve been brunette to blonde to red back to blonde to purple.. You get the idea. Well, for a while now I’ve been blonde and I’ve stuck to it. Although in the near future I am hoping to go grey / lilac.

New Year- New Me?

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coffee and notepad with the text 2016 resolutions

I know its cheesy, I know its overused and I know that after one month that everyone reverts back to their original self.

But non-the-less we all make them, and writing them down and putting it out there might just keep me going and make it too the two month stage! I’m a big believer in if you write it down it’ll stick. So this year I have wrote them many times. I always keep a copy in my filofax so if my motivation ever wavers, I can always remember what I am working towards.